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Thread: MHS V1 Pommel style 4 question

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    Default MHS V1 Pommel style 4 question

    I am guessing the answer is no but I figured I would ask anyway. Does anyone know if the threading that holds the two pieces together (so the one you undo to add the cubes) is the same threading as MHS v2 parts (so for example, could I attach the hemisphere part of that pommel to a set of MHS V2 male threads?)

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    I've got one of the old Acerocket pommels (from before they were sold at TCSS), and it *looks* very close in dimensions to the v2 parts. I don't have any v2 on hand to check it against. So it's *possible*, but someone else would need to chime in to verify.

    Or just email the shop. They'd know for sure.
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