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Thread: Corran Horn Inspired MHS Build

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    Default Corran Horn Inspired MHS Build

    Hello there! I'd like to present my version of Corran Horn's lightsaber. This design is very much inspired by Madcow's vision, but not a direct copy.

    I'll be updating this log every so often when progress is made.

    [UPDATE] Build is complete! Scroll down to see photos of the build. Thank you!

    Final 1.jpg

    -NBv3 (maybe 4) w/GOTH chassis
    -W/W/B Tri-Cree for a silver blue blade with white FOC
    -Saber Essentials 28mm Bass Speaker
    -Crystal Reveal

    Here is the hilt:

    I really wanted the knurled grip to look like it was worn away in the spot a hand would turn on the grip, so I did some sanding.

    That's all I've got so far! I hope that you enjoy watching this build progress. Thank you!
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    Very nice! That weatherings dope, with the hand location and all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Skywalker View Post
    Very nice! That weatherings dope, with the hand location and all!
    Dang, I read that and thought this was a Jeff Spicolli lightsaber, and Mr. Hand designed it in the MHS builder. I must be getting old.

    Nice saber! I like it.


    "Let the past die."

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    It's been quite a while since my original post, and there's been a fair bit of work done since then! I've mostly spent this time assembling the crystal chassis. Beyond that, most of THAT time was spent waiting... and waiting.... and WAITING. Gotta love ordering very specific nuts from China, right?

    Here's some photos of a dry-fit test:



    I've taken great inspiration from Mr. Darth Chasm with his wonderful teachings, and I think it really adds to the chamber versus plain brass rod.

    Those conduits will also act as the wire passages, and I want this saber to be completely wire-free! I also added copper mesh behind the soundboard area and the recharge port opening, so further hide wires and add more detail. There will be an accent LED on the DS pad that will light up the soundboard area behind the mesh, and I've really considered changing the build to accommodate a PRIZM, but for now it will stay as a NBv3/4.

    My switch solution requires me to have an LED holder with a slot for a tactile switch, while sits right at the bottom of the blade holder, so I 3D-printed an adapter for the normal LED space to secure the chassis inside the blade holder, allowing for the body to be fully removable. There is currently a small space between the crystal chamber and the adapter, but that was just for the dry-fit test. In the final build, there will be no gap, as to hide the wires.

    Next I need to find the perfect crystal, I need to sift through my collection of crystals to find the right one.

    Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully my next update will be sooner than the last.

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    So as it turns out, I wasn't able to do any work for a few months. Besides a few finishing touches, the installation is complete!

    Here are some photos of the final build:
    Cram 1.jpg
    The wiring was a bit tricky on this one for me, it took more planning than I thought it would!
    Cram 2.jpg
    A close-up on the cramming madness.

    Finish 4.jpg
    The completed saber. A nice BBW Tri-Cree suits this saber well, I think!

    Finish 1.jpg
    The main body is removable to expose the chassis and crystal beneath. I wanted there to be no wires visible, so there's some copper mesh in the vents in the chassis.
    It adds to the authenticity and look.

    Detail 1.jpg
    A view of the copper mesh. I had originally wanted a red blinking LED in here to give some color contrast to the blue, but I decided to leave it out.
    The NBv4 can only do so much!

    Crystal 1.jpg
    Close-up on the chamber. I wish I had done more detail, but I'm still learning and I'm happy how it is currently.
    Crystal is lit by a flickering blue candle LED, as the NBv4 cannot animate LEDs.

    Final 1.jpg
    Thanks for reading! I hope you liked the saber and I'll update with any other updates I may have.
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    Wow! Very nice! Love that blade holder.

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    Thank you! If I make a second one, I want to do a better job of securing it. It’s also slightly misaligned and I just can’t get over it! Thank you for looking!

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    This is very nice! What did you use to cover the wires in the crystal chamber? If been looking for something like that for mine forever

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    Thank you! I used Darth Chasm’s faux conduit idea to hide the wires. It looks really nice and gives a lot of flexibility. If you’ve never seen that before, DEFINITELY go check that out, I believe there is a thread on this forum about it.


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