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Thread: New to the forum in San Jose

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    Default New to the forum in San Jose

    Hi there, I have already built a couple of flashes on the cheap, thinking of doing some more. The Heiland has a bottom of the line toy board in it from a few years ago, and the Graflex has a TGS string blade and driver with an MR board for sound. I have a TCSS blade holder in the Graflex on the top, and a sink tube blade holder modified by TCSS on the way for the Heiland just below it. Just getting back into it, and I am amazed at the booming hobby this has become since I last participated.

    When I last checked sound board availability, the only thing that was even sortta available was Plechter Labs, and that was always sold out. Now there are too many to choose from, and the replicas are also so numerous that it would be difficult to choose.


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    Welcome to the forums! You got some nice sabers there.

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    San Jose, California? Is so, I'm just south of you! Welcome!
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    Thanks for the welcome!

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    Welcome to the party bikeguy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vereous View Post
    San Jose, California? Is so, I'm just south of you! Welcome!
    Then I am fairly close, I'm in Hayward!

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    It's good to know there are some local guys!


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