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Thread: 1.21" OD Blade Holder Ideas: Time to get creative!

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    Default 1.21" OD Blade Holder Ideas: Time to get creative!

    Hello all, if you have seen my thread in mr/fx signle led conversions youd know my project at the moment is a mace windu signature series by hasbro.

    Now, this saber is like joe jedi/kyberlight style. In the sense that one main tube holds electronics, while the detailed parts slide over it and lock in place. Its a personal favorite, and to give you an idea of size: My MHS to 1.25" sinktube holder fits with a little wiggle. A 1.25" pipe does not fit and is harder to sand down than I thought.

    The main tube measures in at 1.21" ID. Anyone know of a kit/blade holder that would fit in this hilt? Thanks for browsing and extra thanks if you have any input/advice!


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    When I had a slightly wiggly blade holder in a conversion, I was advised to e6000 the thing together in final assembly. I haven't tried it yet because I'm not near final assembly, don't even have my electronics finished.

    Hope that helps.
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    @Vereous, Im asking if anyone knows the outter dimentions of a blade holder or kit that could fit into this saber. Its a mace windu 07' Hasbro Signature Series with a 1.21" ID

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    1.205" od but you may need to work with it a bit to get it to fit into 1.21" bore.

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    Thank you everyone so much and special thanks to @acerocket for confirmation on the OD of the part!

    It should fit the 1.21" Mace Hilt quite nicely!

    Edit/Update: Still waiting on that check from work. The "adapter" end of the MHSv1 to 1.25" sinktube fits with a little wiggle. If there is -any- kit similar in size it may also work, but for now Id say safest bet is a
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