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Thread: NBV4 Motion Sense suddenly not working

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    Default NBV4 Motion Sense suddenly not working

    Hello TCSS Forum!

    Today I was finishing off my build with the NBV4 and, after I had soldered everything up and fit it in a neat chassis, no motion sense.

    I am nervous that I may have somehow fried the motion sense part of the board, but all other functions work fine. I tried lowering the gate in the settings to no avail.

    Anyone have any pointers? Thanks for you help in advanced!

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    You would need to post good, high quality close up pictures of BOTH sides of the board for us to look at.
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    Sorry to take up anyone's time, turns out, after soldering and re-soldering some connections, all was fine. Not sure how those connection impacted the motion sensing ability... Loving the NBV4


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