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    Hey guys! Today I have a Mace Windu Signature Series on my table, totally disassembled. Quite different than the guides version, as in the guide the thin part of the conversion kit goes almost into the emitter where as this one has a threaded emitter with an ID of 1". I would wager is close to a sink tube in size, if not the same.

    So far I believe the MHS sinktube bladeholder to be the best option, as my converters end is -very- close to the same OD as the stock chassis. Now, this specific model seems to be hard to convert/has a lack of guides. The inner diameter of the main body is 1.21" or so once you are past the threading. If anyone wants to discuss the conversion of this saber, please bring in any input!

    UPDATE: I am totally exhausted. I spent about an hour sanding a copper pipe to fit into the hilt, and then a second copper pipe as the blade holder. Its a snug fit, just have to decide if I want to go RGBW or white with filters.

    Summary: I used 2 copper tube pieces combined to form a blade holder. I had to really go at it with a rubber mallet to even get it in there, and lucked out with no thread damage. The blade holder (Smaller 1"ID copper pipe) is now inserted into the first copper pipe then tapped into place with a screw. A TCSS 1"led module fits very well.

    I want to post pictures once I am finished but will try and update tomorrow.

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    I successfully converted one using a 1.18 OD blade holder and just put a wrap or two of steel foil tape. It fits great with no movement at all.

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    When you say "signature series", is that the same as the black series? I'm wanting to get a mace saber to convert, but I can't find any info on whether or not the conversion kit will work with a black series version. The MR versions on ebay all sell for way more than I'm willing to pay and still be comfortable tearing it apart...


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