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    So I decided I wanted to build a chassy, I already had a working saber but I wanted to upgrade mine with a chassis.

    I took it all apart and now wiring it all back together I go to test to make sure the saber boots and I get no boot up sound. I checked the sd card to see if the files were still there and its fine, I cleaned the contacts of the NB and I checked to see if power was coming from the battery and it is Im kinda stumped at this point. Im attaching a picture of my wiring

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    Does it bleep or is it just silent? Did you remove the sd card when soldering?

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    No beeps and I removed the card while I soldered and reinstalled to test hoping to hear the bootup noise only to get silence

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    I tested all my wires to see if I had a short anywhere else, speaker is good, switch is good, led is good, switch led is good and battery is good. Only thing I can conclude is I somehow killed the NB? I guess I can order another one v.v

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    NBIV is hard to kill. Did you test voltage on battery leads? RCP issues maybe?, or a short in battery wires/rcp that is tripping the battery protection? Are you getting full volts at power pads on NBIV?

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    I’m getting 4v on my 3.7v li-ion to the NBIV contact pads. I tested the wiring first to make sure that it was not the problem and it’s not. Once I connect the battery to the pads I tested the positive and negative pad again with my volt meter and it shows power there.


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