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    Evening all,

    I am in the process on building my 2nd saber, but this time customising parts from the TCSS to make it truly unique rather than an empty hilt from US.

    I'm really struggling decide between the 2 different colour schemes of 1)mainly silver, or 2)a mix of silver and black. I appreciate everyones taste is different, but I'd really like to get your thoughts on the matter - a kind of poll if you will.

    Please view both models here: and here: And please excuse the way my 3D software has rendered the acid etched shroud - it can't quite handle the surface texture as well as the main body as it was imported from a different graphics package.

    You could even suggest for me to add an element that doesn't currently feature. There are so many talented and creative members on here, I'm willing to take all advice on board.

    Many thanks in advance


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    As you’ve said, it’s mostly a preference thing. I’ve done silver and black schemes over the years. It all comes down to the design and your preference. Here are two of my sabers that went black and silver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbkuma View Post
    I like the mainly black one.
    Same with me. The black looks much sleeker and nicer.

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    I think the black has a cleaner starting point. It's been a long time since I cut metal, but my gut wants to see more fluidity in the shroud to go along with the etching. Rather than the straight angled rear cut, maybe it curves upwards more towards the switch. Same idea with the flat rip cut running towards the emitter - it feels to me like it wants to pull up and arc slightly before turning down towards the end.

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    Excellent feedback guys - i'm really grateful.

    Honestly,I preferred the black/silver too, but I've seen so many silver hilts on here that are absolutely gorgeous it confused me. Plus, I think I can age the black easier if needs be.

    Amwolf - good suggestion. I took your idea onboard and came up with this slightly revised design: . I cant seems to make this render to feature the acid etching design as before, but the shape have changed - improvement?

    Thanks again guys
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    Yes! The curved shroud with black body looks so good.
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