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Thread: Neopixel, blade turns red?

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    Default Neopixel, blade turns red?

    Hello folks!

    So I thought I had this neopixel thing down after about 15 blades built. Then of course I get a thrown for a loop.

    Build is a Prizm 5.1, so I have everything programmed and doing what I want accept for the fact that in every font no matter the designated blade color, when i activate blaster block the blade turns red first then I get the lit up areas. I can't find anywhere in the code where it is programmed to do this so naturally I don't know how to fix it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    wsoFB by Nathan Barnes, on Flickr

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    Is it lighting up red then random pixels are changing? I'm assuming you have two strips connected, is t it the same on both sides?

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    Got it fixed, it was a mcolor setting issue. Thanks
    wsoFB by Nathan Barnes, on Flickr

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    Default Similar issue...

    Darth Leximus, Iím having a similar issue. Iím on mobile and canít upload a video right now though. On font one the saber behaves as you described but on two and three upon activating the blaster effect the blade blinks off then flashes red with the bolt deflect. Can you please tell me what I might need to do? Thanks!


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