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Thread: Pico Crumble V2 sound

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    Default Pico Crumble V2 sound

    So I've had the Pico Crumble setup and working for a few weeks - it's amazing. Then as I began to trim some of the wires for the LED and powered it up again, the sound went from powerful to just...barely... there. I thought something came lose with the wiring to the speaker and rewired the speaker ...same thing. I swapped out another speaker ...same thing. Anyone have a fix or reason why this would happen? It's like the volume was turned down from 10 to 1.

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    You didn't do any wiring/soldering with the battery connceted did you?

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    That could be very bad. Potentially ruins your sound board. Also a bad idea to solder while the SD card is in it's slot. I ruined one once that way.

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    If you think you did either of those two things, the best thing to do is contact Erv on FX Sabers directly if youre in EU or Chewbacca on FX Sabers if you're in the US. They would be the ones to determine if your sound card is damaged and if a damaged board can be saved or not.

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    Pico crumble doesn't have a SD card.

    Take a few clear photos of your board and someone may be able to see a potential wiring issue and provide a suggestion.

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    I purchased them here on the CSS. Should I contact them or how to I contact one of those you've listed? I'm here in the US.

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    The wiring was spot-on. It worked fine until I trimmed the lines to the LED.

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    Chewbacca on FX is also known as Zook here at TCSS. You can PM him on these forums, but your account may be too new. Photos of your board and LED star will help.

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