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Thread: New Project. Heiland Flash hilt

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    Default New Project. Heiland Flash hilt

    Next project.


    Already disassembled the bulb socket and looks like I'll be able to place a blade holder behind it and retain the socket springs which snug the blade already Think I'll go for a purely Sith design. Going to be digging around for inspiration for a bit I think. Trying to go Sith yet not Vader knock off too much.
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    Following, I have a couple of the Heiland flashes I want to convert to Vader version ANH and ESB, but I'm stuck on the blade holder.

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    I purchased a sinktube 1.5" blade holder that I'm going to try to turn down to the needed 1.43" needed to fit and see how that goes.

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    I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on this.

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    So far it's really slow. Had a free hour or so and tried resizing the blade holder. Got maybe .05" off it seems

    Tried rigged the drill press as a lathe. Only kinna works. Lol.

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    So on a whim and went and bought a new course metal file this morning. BOOM! that was the issue. Knocked the 1.5 down to about 1.41" and the blade holder slides in with just a hint of rubbing and will slide all the way to the threads. Did have to hit the flash tube with the Dremel sanding flapper wheel a little too, just to clean it up and knock off the edges from the holes in it.


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