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Thread: Issue with Nano V4

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    Default Issue with Nano V4

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to wire a NBv4 using a tcss tri cree xpe2 rgb led. I am only using the G and b dies of the led. However, when I pull the kill key a little lights leaks out of the green led even before I turn it on. I replaced the 3 legged transistor, tried new led, recharge port, but still no luck. The cell is charged and protected.

    Anyone have any ideas?



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    That sounds like a short to me. Or a broken/unstable connection.
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    short on the LED Star. If your green isn't hooked up, it shouldn't blink or anything. It should be dead. Its getting juice somewhere? Stray solder?

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    That happened to my saber at one point, the issue was the resistor broke off the wire I had it solder to.

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    it could be stray solder, I checked but I didn't see any but i have bad eyes as it is lol.

    I attached a back picture as well, does the arrow area seem to be the issue maybe? I tried to clean it up best I could.

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    No, that mosfet tail touches that pad via a trace. I think its in your LED star, since you didn't wire the green. Something is amok on the star itself. If you didn't wire your green, how is it even getting power?

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    Tom, he says he used green and blue.

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    Yes the green and blue is wired. Right now I tested with only L2- hooked up to the green and or blue and both had the issue. So it must be with something pertaining to L2- pad area.

    Any ideas? I'm open to try anything.

    Thank you for your help

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    Do you have a bench power supply? If you do you can test the led by itself. At least that way you'd know if the issue is on the led or NB side.

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    Just out of curiosity, if you're only using g and b (which I'm guessing are on L1 and L2), then what do you have wired to your L3? Is that a color extender on the r?
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