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    Hello all! I'm starting my Luke V2 build and im wanting to achieve the perfect shade of green! I opted to use a Luexon Tri Rebel Green/Green/Lime LED and 3.7V 18650 LI battery for the build. My question is, Do I need to resistor the LEDs? The website says that they dont recommend using resistors but I dont want my LEDs to burn out. Im just at a loss and some help would be appreciated, thank you!

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    You *will* need a resistor on the Lime.

    I would use a resistor on each LED. If you're using a sound board, it can act a bit goofy with unresistored LEDs. Even if you're not using a sound board, a small resistor is cheap protection for an expensive LED star.

    Do note that the Lime will need a larger resistor than the Greens. The specs for the different colored LEDs are on this page:
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