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    Hello there!
    New to these forums... wondering if anyone has built curved asaaj sabers? Something like curved hilts from the clone wars... im having a hard time finding curved pieces or tubing.

    Can tcss machine some curved extensions?

    Thanks for the help

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    sad face,,,....

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    Curved pieces have been on the wishlist for a long, long time. Most people end up using Rainbow vacuum cleaner wands, or bending their own out of various materials (pvc, aluminum tubing, etc).

    I'm assuming Tim hasn't found a cost effective way to provide curved pieces in the store. If he had, I'm sure they'd be listed.
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    Welcome to the forum, that's a good question and I may try what Silver Serpent suggested.

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    I have a rainbow vacuum tube for that reason... don’t like it. Super skinny... I ended up buying a straight tube, and a curved piece I found at Home Depot... I’ll post it up when I’m done. If anyone wants a rainbow tube, I’ve got one to sell!


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