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    New guy. Not new to savers per se... Iíve done a few conversions using parts from tcss, but Iím moving into msg builds! Canít wait to learn from all of you!

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    Welcome to the party, houseman!

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    Hey new guy. Welcome to the forums.


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    Welcome! Can't wait to see what you come up with.
    wsoFB by Nathan Barnes, on Flickr

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    Welcome, I'm new myself. Started going through past builds and there's lots of great info on here. Plus, the guys and gals here are really eager to help from what I can tell

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    TCSS is a great place to learn how to construct your sabers! Welcome to the insane asylum! Next thing you know, you'll be shopping for a lathe!


    "Let the past die."

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    Welcome to everyone! Can hardly wait to perceive what you think of.
    TCSS is an incredible spot to figure out how to build your sabers!

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    I am only 6 builds in and was just googling lathes and drill presses!

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    Welcome to everyone,
    Welcome to the custom saber shop, as a newcomer.
    TCSS is an extraordinary spot to figure out how to develop sabers.


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