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Thread: Remove/Alter red accents?

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    Default Remove/Alter red accents?

    Hey guys,

    I just purchased this hilt and need some advice.

    IMHO it just looks weird with that shiny red accents, so I'd like to remove/change that.
    I'd be ok with it if the hilt would be heavily weathered.

    I was told that when I use some kind of stripper the anodizing is ruined.
    Sending it back to the original creators, to get the coating removed and the saber weathered costs around 500$.

    What would be your suggestion? Is there no other way?

    Just trying to get other opinions before paying that much

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    It would cost that much because all the electronics would have to be removed and re-installed. And that would be your best bet, unless you’re ready to live with the look of the hilt as-is.
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    Do you want to remove all of the red? It seems a bit odd to buy such a saber of you don't like it. Perhaps a better option would be to sell it and buy a more standard version, of which there are very many.

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    Pure acetone will remove most powder coating

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