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Thread: Second build/Basic wiring color changing no sound.

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    Default Second build/Basic wiring color changing no sound.

    Hi fellows sabersmith!

    Completed my first build a month ago of a sound/color changing saber with a pico crumble soundboard.

    I'm now looking to complete a more simple build : color changing with no sound

    I can't find (my apologies if i missed a post...) the way of doing this, color changing tutorial/wiring i found always include a soundboard.

    I can see there is LED driver like buckpuck but i'm not sure to understand what they can and can't do...

    Is there an easy way to get color changing: i mean 1 tri cree led RGB with one switch to go on/colormix1/colormix2/.../off or 1 on/off switch and 1 color change switch through a driver.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I was thinking about doing something like this with a rotary switch. Here’s a simple schematic. You can always wire two LED’s off the same switch lead for color mixing. You’ll have to play with resistor values to get the right color you’re looking for, just make sure you don’t go below the minimum resistor value for the LED. Just one possibility. This is my first post on a forum in a long time, hope I did this right.

    Rotary LED.JPG

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    Yes, an "easy" way to do it is to wire a switch and resistor for each die of an RGB tri cree. Definitely won't look that great, having 3 switches on the hilt, but that will give you seven different colors that you can get by turning each switch on and off. Red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, and something resembling white.

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    Thanks for the ideas to explore.

    Was more looking for something between the LED and the switch to manage sequentially multiple combination but it seems it is just possible with a sound board...

    I keep looking around...


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