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Thread: Tri-Cree Without a Soundboard

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    Default Tri-Cree Without a Soundboard

    This has probably been asked before repeatedly, but whether I use Google or the forum search, what I'm looking for is buried under a mountain of more common questions. So I'm sorry for asking, but:

    I am doing a build for a friend who wants a REALLY BRIGHT deep red blade but doesn't want to mess with/pay for all the soundboard stuff, so I'm doing a tri-cree build without a board. I know you can't power this with your typical 4x AAA setup made for single Cree/Luxeon Rebel dies, and powering it as though it were a CF build or something would be superfluous, so how do I power this correctly? Ability to recharge is optional.

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    Welcom. 3.7v lithium, resistors, rc port
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