Hello all!

After much revision from the advise of Tom and Seth, I'm here: http://www.thecustomsabershop.com/ViewWishlist.aspx?ViewCode=99335742-d5ac-4314-ad40-6f4b653936d7

I live in Australia, so I'm paranoid that I'll make my order then have to pay another $40 to get the stuff shipped again.

Please, could someone give me a second opinion on my build. My particular points or nervousness are:

  • Should my "RGB" LED be "dRGrB"?
  • Is it as good to wrap the inner blade with celophane after i get it?
  • Do I have the right electronics setup for the LED? (I am purchasing resistors and the battery from local stores)
  • Are clear blades really better for red reproduction?
  • Does anyone have a similar setup that they can show me so I feel a bit more confortable with the blade illumination?

Thanks for your help everyone!