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Thread: My second Crystal Chamber hilt

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    Default My second Crystal Chamber hilt

    Crystal Chamber V2. This time I ran a single 3/8” copper conduit under the natural quartz crystal. I’m going to paint the shroud . I wanted to secure both ends of the crystal so it could withstand some mild sparing. I used a NB-V4 sound card and a GGW Cree, rgb accent led, and 12mm led switch all from TCSS. The rest I made in my shop. 3F4BD52C-58C8-48FC-8D28-65CD3B9AE069.jpgBE03098D-9C6F-4C66-BD28-B25C34C545A9.jpgEDC2B887-B10A-4700-B00C-2D50725816B8.jpg76615F66-53EB-4954-9480-F87AE8AC9160.jpgBC9A1B35-D099-4B7F-98DB-5A675699434C.jpg120DE098-BB2B-4F04-9A4C-9C6939D364C9.jpgEF242A9B-B3F7-4B88-9738-ED8CFE17B52B.jpg1F3ACA6B-3B42-49A4-8E76-7491DA423574.jpg
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    Thats a lovely pommel, you have some great machining skills. Very nice! I知 also wondering how the crystal chamber securing turns out, I really want a dueling lightsaber that has a crystal chamber. Will be watching this thread.

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    Awesome machining work. Why the "T" shaped cutout over crystal chamber in shroud? Decorative? Meaning? Just curious.


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    Seth... I will let you know...quartz is fairly strong and the epoxy should give it a bit of cushion....

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    Decorative only...I was going to machine a decorative “grid” over the opening for the CC. As I was cutting I changed my mind. I just wanted to get a view in both dimensions and didn’t want it too symmetrical. Next time I’m going to cut out a larger hole in the shroud and make a removable plate with a grid. LOL... my designs are a bit fluid...I end up changing them all the time....

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    Nice job Gary. Looks great
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    Very Nice !!
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    Very nice work
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    I actually really like this one. Nice and simple but artistic at the same time as well =]
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