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Thread: Blade Cutting Tip - Quick, clean and easy!

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    Default Blade Cutting Tip - Quick, clean and easy!

    Here's a quick video demonstrating how I cut my blade stock. Using a bit of 1/2" pvc and a pipe cutter, you can have a clean, dust free blade ready to go with a nice rounded edge perfect for inserting into your blade holder!

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    Wwoooww, Nice one JB! Thanks for the awesome tutorial.

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    I use a pipe cutter too, but didn't use the PVC inside the blade stock. That's a good idea. It can be done without it, but you cant apply as much pressure or your deform the blade stock, so you have to do a lot of turns, tighten a bit, then turns, then tighten. Same results, just takes longer. That's a great tip.


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    Yeah I've done it without and it's really frustrating and time consuming.

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    That's a pretty good tip. I've always done mine with a pipe cutter, but never thought about putting pvc inside as support.
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    Man that’s a great tip! I cut one with a miter box and saw and all kinds of particles and dust...��

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    Nice! Why didn’t I think of that?


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