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Thread: Wattage on resistors

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    The use of "rapid unplanned disassembly" was a clever way to quickly reply with the results of my doings.

    I am going to go ahead and get an 18650 setup, in which I will not need to change the resistors (or mess with them at all). The .47ohm resistor should be just fine with the 18650. I'm also trying to keep the current mix of colors I have got right now so as to not ruin the purple that I have. Either way, getting the 18650 setup is less hassle for me than rewiring and soldering a new resistor into the LED module I have.

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    I got the new battery setup wired up today after the parts arrived, and so far, I've been enjoying it just the same as the 4 AAA.

    I realized that although I have 4 AAA batteries, they're rechargeable, thus they aren't 1.5 volts each, but more like 1.2. So I really had closer to a 4.8 volt setup rather than the 6 volt variant aforementioned. In the end, it wasn't a large change to the 18650 as I thought it was.

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    I always prefer the lithium packs. Although my current build I'm using 26650 batteries. Those things are huge.

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    I can see why. It’s also nice to not have to deal with the color constantly changing as the batteries/battery decreases in power.

    Why the 26650?

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    Doing a neopixel build. Wanted plenty of mAh for my saber. An 18650 would only last maybe 45 minutes per charge. Single cell at 3.7v, since the PRIZM can't handle voltage above 5v.

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