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Thread: LED resistor calculation . 47 ohm??

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    Default LED resistor calculation . 47 ohm??

    I have a question.
    Calculate the resistance
    Before wiring my LEDS to my sound board I want to make sure I have not goofed up.

    . 47 ohms, 5 watts.
    That idea suddenly crossed my mind.
    Is there no difference of 1 % from 5 %?
    Let's take an example.
    I'd like to buy 1.2 ohms, 3 watts.
    Don't you care about the next 1 % or 5 %?

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    It’s .5 (1/2) Watts.

    The resistors percentage variance isn’t an issue, because you’re rounding up the resistance a bit, and the base calculations are made up of “averages”. In the end, it all works out. You don’t need to overthink this, which is what it sounds like you are doing.
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    감사 합니다.

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    Yay! Now I know how to write “thank you” in Korean.


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