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    Hey guys, I'm in Orlando for a con and misplaced my blade. Trying to find the supplies in store but so far everyone I call has no idea what I'm looking for when I ask for a polycarbonate tube.

    Anyone know what stores tend to carry what I need? Thanks.

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    Maybe Home Depot? Not entirely sure but I think they should have some tubing. Michael's has cellophane gift wrap. Do you have time to order online? Hope this helps!

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    No time to order online unfortunately. I just arrived tonight and just have tomorrow to make one. I plan to try home depot and lowes but after a phone call to each no one seemed to know.

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    Huh, I would have thought they would have some poly tubing. Maybe you should just check the store itself. Good bye until tomorrow, I gotta go to bed now. Good luck on finding the supplies you need, hopefully you'll find them somewhere.

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    Good luck to you, though by me, I’ve never seen 1” polycarbonate tube (of either wall thickness) at a big box home improvement store.
    Not too many applications for home owner use (well, besides lightsaber blades).

    The only time I got tube for making blades that wasn’t from TCSS, I ordered directly from a plastics manufacturer (and in bulk/minimum order), as it has more use in industrial applications.

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    I don't know of anyone at a local store that stocks polycarbonate tubing. Home Depot and Lowes carry T8, you might be able to adapt that (I mean adapt temporarily) to a blade, but it would be weak. T8 protective tubing. Line that with cellophane, and you'll have to wrap the outside of it to fit into the bladeholder. The tip? You'd have to improvise that. That stinks.


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    Did you find what you need?

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    The T8 sleeve will be in the florescent lighting section. It's actually about 1.2" so you'd have to slit it to curl it up a bit too get it to fit. You might find clear PVC at a specialty furniture place. Finally you can just go solid and use a dowel or broom stick or something.


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