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Thread: Battery Power for Tri-Cree LED Question?

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    Default Battery Power for Tri-Cree LED Question?

    So I wanted to make a purple blade by using a R/G/rB, and plugging the R to a 10 ohm, 1 watt resistor, and the rB to a .47 ohm, .5 watt resistor. Question is, I've got a 4 AAA battery setup, which gives me 6 volts, but the LED setup aforementioned requires 6.05 volts, which means the batteries (assuming I'm understanding how the wiring is set up) will not power the LEDs. What do I need to do? I'm trying to get all the parts I need in one order so as to only pay one shipping cost. I'm not sure that a 7.4v (double 18650) setup will fit in my hilt. It's an US Apprentice V4 (sorry to mention them). Anyways, thanks.

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    Are you making a stunt saber or are you using a sound board?

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    I'm making a stunt saber right now, but I'd like to make it into a sound saber using a Hasbro chip.

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    Read up on parallel vs series circuits.
    You can wire the two colors up in parallel, with lower voltage from the battery (only need to exceed the forward voltage of the highest led).
    I’m not sure if wiring two differed color LEDs in series is a good idea anyway, as I’ve only heard of that done when the two LEDs are the same.

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    I guess I'll update this with what I did.

    I've talked about my setup in other posts, so I don't feel the need to repeat myself, but I realized that the 1/2 watt resistor was not safe for my setup (so I used a .47 ohm 5 watt). Also, I had to change the battery to a good-old 18650 version because I had put a too low resistor on my rB led. Finally, I put a 4.7 ohm resistor (5 watt) on my red led instead of the 10 ohm.


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