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Thread: Brass Saber Parts?

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    Default Brass Saber Parts?

    Hey I was curious. I would really love to have some saber parts that are brass. Is that possible or should I make them myself? Thanks

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    TCSS sells some brass parts....activation boxes/plates for switches, switches, kill keys, knurled knobs, inserts for pommels, screws.
    In general brass is heavy and soft. It scratches easily and will dent easily, not sure you would want to use it as a main hilt tube. It would be great as a sleeve. It etches easily and can have a dramatic patina.

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    You could get parts powder coated with brass (brass color?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlobrecht View Post
    You could get parts powder coated with brass (brass color?).
    From experience, the Translucent Brass powder coat is a very light hue, and not nearly as rich as an actual brass part.

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    You could also try electro plating. You'd first need to electro plate the part in nickel, then brass. The down side is the brass plating uses some pretty harmful chemicals if you don't take proper precautions.

    Edit: After some quick searching, there are kits for brass plating that don't use cyanides.
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    The best way to find out is with an email to Tim. He has done copper pieces for me, so it’s plausible he could do brass for you. It’s ultimately up to him though.
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