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Thread: Adding Extra resistor to NBv4 board

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    Default Adding Extra resistor to NBv4 board

    Hi All,

    I have come across a video on the TCSS YT site that recommends adding an additonal .5ohm 3watt resistor to Plector Lab sound card builds.
    Since this video was made a little over 2 years ago now is this still a recommended practice?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Resistors are’t speific to Plecter Lab Builds (some advanced soundcards and add on boards can current regulate, and you wouldn’t need resistors).
    As a rule, if your supply voltage to your main led(s) is greater than the forward voltage of the led, than you need some form of limit, and resistors are the easiest and cheapest security measure to make sure you keep your leds safe.

    I believe in that particular video, Madcow mentions using the 0.5ohm 3watt resistor as a “just in case”, “better safe than sorry” best practice. A minimal resistor can protect your setup, if the actual tollerances of the components you use vary slightly, which if unprotected, could lead to the led drawing too many amps, and fail.

    Led resistors needs are specific to your setup, from what battery solution you are using to the particular brand and color led you are using.

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    Even though Green crees run at 3.7v just fine, I always through the .47ohm resistor on there, just in case.


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