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Thread: Back porch delivery??? LoL

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    Default Back porch delivery??? LoL

    So my tap and drill set was supposed to arrive yesterday, and I really wanted to start the drilling and tapping, so I kept checking the front porch for the package. By ten o'clock in the evening yesterday I was really mad, thinking some one must have stolen it. But then I decided to check the tracking for the package and it said it was already delivered, on the back porch. I was thinking like what??? What do they mean "back porch"? So I went looking in front the garage, in front the gate, all around the house. I found it just where the tracking said, behind the house on the "back porch".

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    Hm, not sure if the delivery guy was playing a home or being the good guy and leaving it where it's less likely to get stolen.

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    Just the other day, I got a package for the rear apartment to my own. No big deal. But I've never heard of the other way around.

    I think Raven may be on to something. I used to live in a pretty sketchy neighborhood, and delivery guys were rather creative if they thought they were being watched during drop off.

    It's a mystery, but at least you have your stuff!
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    In my old neighborhood the postman would mark the package delivered first thing in the morning, never attempt delivery and not leave a slip. The skip would be delivered a day or two later, then I'd get the pleasure is standing in line for an hour or more with a 50/50 chance they'd even find my package. Sometimes I'd get within 20 people of the front of the line only to see a sign to the effect of "packages from Friday and Saturday not yet available."

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    I've had this happen, on occasion, with UPS.

    I am on the 3rd floor of an old house that's split up into 3 apartments.

    There's a staircase that leads up to my kitchen, but it's in the back of the house.

    Sometimes I'll get a package on the bottom step.

    This is great, as I park in the back, and haven't use the front door in 3+ years. Lol.

    But, it means the delivery guy had to walk all the way around the house, with his truck left out in the street. There's no way a UPS truck could pull into the tiny driveway.

    It's a nice touch


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