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Thread: Using the NBv4 drive and fdrive as a configurable resistor

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    Default Using the NBv4 drive and fdrive as a configurable resistor

    Hi All,

    Page 13 of the NBv4 manual talks about using the drive and fdrive parameters as a configurable resistor for resistor values smaller than 0.5ohms. I wanted to know if anyone here has done this and how it has worked out. I currently plan to use this setting for the Royal Blue die of my Tricree RGRyB LED. If I am reading the manual right I should be good as long a I don't try to set the following colors because it would put the setting too low to work as a resistor.

    Cyan R-0 G-1023 B-340
    Light Blue R-0 G-1023 B-635
    Crimson R-1023 G-0 B-50

    Any details you can provide on your experience using this setup will be greatly appreciated.

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    I did this for a Yoda inspired saber for a 12yo. The lime green/lime green/white was bright enough at 600 that there was no need to drive it at 1023. I mean, still painfully bright with a blade plug in it.

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    Thanks for the response After doing a little more searching I found this thread on a different forum that gave me more background information on using the drive and fdrive instead of a resistor. After reading it I decided to play it safe and go with a physical resistor

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    I was also going to use the drive adjustments instead of a resisitor, but decided it would be better using a resisitor. You just won't have as much of a risk of the led frying.


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