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    Default Resistor Bargain Option

    Greetings!! I have a build coming up using White/White/Amber Tri-cree with white being the main blade color (it is an ahsoka shoto)

    Anyway, it requires .55 Ohm and .55 Watt resistor (in the past I've used 1ohm 2 Watt resistor because they are readily available.)

    Another option is to use (2) 1.2 Ohm .5W resistors (they would equate to .6 ohm 1 Watt resistor per LED (total of 4)

    With the chassis I'm using space will be extremely limited (need to use 32AWG and 30 AWG on some connections)
    Do you guys think the size & headache of obtaining the resistors be worth it. Will the brightness be discernible?

    You guys steered me right on my last build regarding the accent LED resistor, looking forward to seeing what you have to say!

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    You cant fit two of these in there?

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    The difference between a .6ohm and 1ohm resistor on a white die (especially 2 in parallel) will probably unnoticeable to the naked eye.


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