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Thread: MHS parts CAD symbols?

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    Default MHS parts CAD symbols?

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know where to find(or does anyone have) the MHS V1 parts as CAD symbols? I did a search but didn't find anything. The builder is great for 2D views, but I'd love to import my next build into CAD.

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    To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing official. There's been talk about that in the past, on these forums, but since Strydur runs TCSS for a living I think he's been reluctant to have 3-d models of his work out there. Also, as you probably know, CAD files can be a considerable amount of work, for a huge number of parts, and (for Strydur,) a minimal financial return.

    That said, over the years, a couple of people have privately recreated MHS parts in SketchUp, but I would have no idea if those parts files are / were ever made available. Google is your friend, on that score.

    Was your search just on here, or Internet wide?

    Either way, nothing to stop you from tracking down the dimensions and building the parts yourself in your flavor of CAD (spoken by the woman who does 3dCG for a living )

    If you choose to go that route, best of luck. As a matter of fact, I did exactly that with my current build in SU2017, before I turned that into dimensioned drawings which I sent to Strydur for the custom machined parts I commissioned.

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    I used tinkercad to recreate some parts in 3d to see if a particular chassis design wouldnit. You can use the measurements listed on the store site for the particular parts you want to lay out.
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