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Thread: Polyurethane spray foam blade..

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    Default Polyurethane spray foam blade..

    After having my attic insulated with polyurethane closed cell spray foam I was wondering of anybody has tried this stuff in a lightsaber blade.
    I was thinking a bit of cellophane in the blade, put the strip in and fill it up with spray foam and you would have perfect seamless diffusion.
    Popping a few christmas lights into the stuff really illustrated it's diffusion properties although the evenness may come at the cost of brightness.

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    Getting it all the way down the tube, air pockets that didnt expand etc, would be an issue as well as if you ever needed to service it, good luck getting it out.

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    I am hoping that TCSS is working on getting closer to the MR foam density with their foam tubes. MR Foam seems to work better, because its more dense.


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