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Thread: Prizm 5.1 kylo trident wiring help

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    Yep, that is correct. Kylo sabers eat batteries for breakfast. Remember, most of these sabers are running one LED Star, usually with 2 or 1.5 diodes running the blade.

    Kylo sabers are running 3 LED stars, usually using 4 of the diodes. Twice as much draw. You can save some juice and extend run times by turning down the quillions to 500 mA. You don't need to run them at 1000+, at 500, they'll be bright enough to light up the quillions, and you'll save on energy a bit. On the prism, you can use your color sets to create an energy saving color set that turns main blade down too. There are tricks to extending run time, but you're going to lose brightness. This is why I adapted my BS for a 26650 battery solution, which has worked well with the neopixels too.

    BTW, all the batteries I posted are 3.7 volt batteries, including the 21700. The 21700 is newer battery tech, and not yet tested thoroughly. I'm fixing to install one in a graflex for some extended testing. I had to protect it myself, which is chincy, and ill-advised. If you make your settings more power consumption friendly, the 18650s work just fine. Just have a few spares that you can swap out.
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    So what if you wanted to use the trident feature a little differently. My darth maul build..double red blades with the second blade on a slight delay when i turn on the lightsaber and i want foc to work separately on each blade. I was thinking red led on main blade...second red led on channel 2 which is delayed. Then use 3 and 4 for my white foc. Anyone see any issues ? Crystal focus v9


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    I'm wondering the same thing. That would be awesome!


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