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Thread: MHS V2 shroud material

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    Default MHS V2 shroud material

    Finally getting around do building my saber and I have all the electronics ordered, but im stuck when it comes to building my hilt.

    I would really like to have a plain saber and build some sort of shroud for it. The only question i have is does anyone know of a good shroud material for MHSV2? I like the thinner diameter that the v2 provides i just have no idea if theres a material that would fit snug over the saber or should I stick with MHSV1?


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    For something thinner you can find 1.375” x 0.035” x 1.305” tube (might be tight)

    or for something thicker 1.5” x 0.095” x 1.31”
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    I'm in the same boat looking for shroud material for MHSv2. I love the smaller hilt diameter but want some shroud options to add depth and design.

    Anybody have any recommendations on how to go about finding these shrouds for MHSv2? Has anyone successfully done so?

    I see the dimensions posted by Darth_chasm. Would a Google search do the job?

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    online metals
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    Amazon has nice aluminum stock tubing in various diameters - I got a 12' piece pretty cheap for a shroud.


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