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Thread: Neopixel and Regular LEDs

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    Default Neopixel and Regular LEDs

    When wiring Neopixel, all the diagrams I've looked at seem to avoid switches with regular LEDs.
    Is wiring a standard LED to the accent pads while wiring main blade for neopixel a problem? (Most diagrams were for the NB)

    I've seen some diagrams where they use Neopixel straw hats for accent or crystal chamber, but what about a lighted switch?

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    You can mix and match depending on the board you're using. Just the accent LED's need to draw power independent from the neopixel blade. If you want blade matching crystal chamber, just wire a pixel in parallel with your blade. Lighted switch? On NBIV, either use the deep sleep pad, or if that one makes you nervous, use the bigger 3.3 pad to power your lighted switch. The negative from LED returns to the negative pad, just like the wiring diagrams show. Think of it as the board is running 2 different systems: 1. Neopixels. 2. Standard LED's. There you go, you can mix and match a bit.


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    I think most of the diagrams are using neopixels so you can match the colors from the blade to the accent.

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    You arent even restricted to using the pads on the sound card to make a circuit.

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    For that matter, you can wire regular LED parallel to pixel power lines and just resistor properly.


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