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Thread: Crystal Focus 9 FoC issue.

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    Default Crystal Focus 9 FoC issue.


    First time poster. I followed the manual and I am having an issue where my FoC white die is always on. It flashes brighter for FoC but it's mixing into the green LEDs during idle.

    Any pointers?

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    With the amount of data youve given, i might extrapolate that on any given day, noon might smell like the number 4 floating in a cloud.

    But in seriousness, you need to give way more than you did. How is the LED wired, are you using 3 channels or two, what LED do you even have?

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    You would have to check the LED configurations in the override.txt file. If you have a dedicated color (GGW) for example, you can probably delete all of the extra color profiles.
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