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Thread: Prizm 5.1 only playing boot sound

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    Default Prizm 5.1 only playing boot sound

    Yesterday I tested all my wiring outside of the hilt, and had complete success in turning the saber on (foc, led, sound worked, etc).

    I reassembled it in the hilt today, only to find that it wont turn on properly. When I remove the killkey, the boot sound plays as it should. When I press the av switch, the boot plays again, no other sounds, no led.

    I'll be desoldering the board either tomorrow or the day after and rechecking all the wires, but thought I'd post here anyway. If anyone has had a similar issue, I thought it might help me narrow down my mistake.

    Thankyou for your patience.

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    Check your battery. If you're battery is dead, and you're tripping the circuit, the boot sound would play again, and saber wouldn't activate. Put a volt meter on that battery! Before you desolder anything. You may have hooked up RC port incorrectly, or have a faulty charger, or a faulty battery!


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    Thankyou both for the replies. I'm rather shamed in saying this, but I simply mixed my wire colours up. I spliced a red wire onto an orange and vice versa, leading to the odd behaviour. I blame bad lighting and rank stupidity.

    So er, sorry for creating this thread.


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