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Thread: Jediseth's 6 month mark of crazy fun, Lightsber build #5

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    Default Jediseth's 6 month mark of crazy fun, Lightsber build #5

    Jediseth Build #5
    Prizm 5.1
    Tri-Cree Green, Green, White
    KR sabers base speaker

    Thanks for watching.

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    Great job!! I watched on my phone and the sound was blown out a bit so I can't get the full effect, but it was clearly loud. I liked the font as well. Made the saber sound 'big' if that makes any sense.

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    Cool reveal Seth. Very nice.

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    Thanks guys! It’s very nice to get feedback.

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    Very nice, I want one made :P I would've gone with a red blade though myself :P
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    Great build and the chassis is awesome!

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    Thanks Tx_tuff and Zren!

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    Nice with the Madcow switches!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovetadraw View Post
    Nice with the Madcow switches!
    Thanks! I’ve seen a couple of his sabers that still make me scratch my head.


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