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Thread: Customizing a Blade Hoder question

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    Default Customizing a Blade Hoder question

    Hi Sabersmiths,
    EDIT: Ha ha. Obviously, it's supposed to say Blade HOLDER in the subject. Oh well... Hodor, Hodor.

    I wanted to get some advice about modifying a specific Blade Holder. I have BH 25

    What do you think would be a good way to cut out the small flutes at the tip of the holder? Multiple drill holes and then file them out?


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    Those are pretty small. Definitely start by drilling some holes. If you have a jeweler's saw, that might work for cutting them out. Some needle files to clean them up afterwards.
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    Use a drill press and a bit thats smaller than the groove, drill a few holes in line and a needle file to clean up. I would not use a saw and certainly nothing thats powered, like a Dremel.

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    You *could* ask Tim if he would be willing to make the modifications you want to that specific blade holder. He would be able to tell you how feasible it is.
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    Thanks for the tips so far. If I do this, it won't be easy. Ha ha, I guess I should have planned what I wanted to do more before I bought the blade holder.

    FJK; That's always a good suggestion, but I'm trying to keep the costs down at the moment.

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    I have that holder coming in a few days... I thought the same thing about opening up those grooves..
    At most I think I’ll use the press and open the bottom so light can pass


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