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Thread: MR FX noob question

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    Default MR FX noob question

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I searched the forums and came up empty. I'm doing my first MR conversion with a 2005 Maul I bought on ebay, board only. Having no experience or access to an MR saber before I wanted to know if other than the clash sound, is there a clash effect with the LED. i.e. a strobe or flicker, or does the LED only stay the solid color all the time. I'm using a 3W Lux deep red, everything else is working perfect. Thank you for any comments and help.

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    Those boards do not have any clash effects for the blade.

    Got a question? Start Here. Have you tried the Thread Index yet? Most questions can be answered there.

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    Excellent, everything is working right then. Thank you Jay-gon!

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    Heeeeyyy You got it wired properly , but you could try wiring a tip42c onto the speaker negative and using that to power the LED....


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