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    So, the idea below is to keep the hilt simple for a custom shroud I will etch and install. I have not come up with a design as of yet for the shroud, however, it will cover most of the hilt and attached with 4-40 button head screws. The activation box will be mounted on the ribbed extension and have the two switches and recharge port. I would really like to mount the box on top of the sleeve material, but I think that there will be a slight gap between the two. We'll see. There will be a chassis disc 5 between the ribbed extension and the upper .75" extension to lock the chassis in place. The chassis will be a 3D printed one and will sit in the fluted extension along with the speaker mount and R.I.C.E port mount and all will be attched with all thread to disc 5. There will be a chassis disk 4 in the lower 0.75" extension in front of the pommel. There will be a Yellow indicator mounted to that disc with a JST connector for when I have to take the hilt apart. The hilt will get some kind of weathering. Will figure that out later.


    Thoughts? Suggestions? Anything missing?


    Blade Holder 13
    MHS Ribbed Extension (Milled for Activation Box 2)
    .75" Male/Female Extension (2)
    5" Fluted Double Female Extension
    Pommel Style 4 (Might use a different one, not sure yet)
    MPS Insert 1
    MPS Clip
    MHS Sleeve Material (To etch for a shroud on most of the hilt)
    Activation Box 2
    Box 2 Mounting Hole Service
    MHS Heat Sink v4 Flat (Flat style for space)
    4-40 Button Head Screws (A bunch for the shroud)
    8-32 x 3/8 Thumb Screw (Blade Retention)
    6-32 Socket Head Screws for Activation Box (2)

    3D Printed for Prizm board and R.I.C.E. port
    MHS Speaker Mount v4
    Chassis Disc 2
    Chassis Disc 4
    Chassis Disc 5
    4-40 All Thread (2)
    4-40 Hex Nuts (4)

    Prizm v5.1
    Panasonic 3.7v 18650 Battery
    R/rB/G Tri-Cree
    LED Lens
    Thermal Tape
    28mm Speaker
    16mm Momentary Yellow Ring Switch
    Black Momentary Switch
    2.1mm Power Jack
    R.I.C.E. Port
    Yellow LED Indicator
    1.2ohm 3w Resistor [For Red]
    1ohm 2w Resistor (2) [For rB/G]
    DynaOhm Resistors (2) [For indicator and switch]
    JST Connector Kit (2) [1 for the battery and 1 for the indicator LED]
    Kill Key (Silver)

    Thank you for taking the time to look this over.
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