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    Hello! Im fairly new to the saber scene (ive learned to wait a month before starting a hobby to make sure im actually interested), been watching ALOT of videos and reading a lot in the forums. I've made a designed my hilt on the M.H.S saber builder that im really happy with, except one hang up: whats a good hilt length? I know that its mostly a matter of opinion and subject to what im looking to do with it. Generally im looking to get into dueling, so initially I wont be putting a sound board in, but maybe down the road I would like to do upgrades. Currently the length of my prototype is 12.7 inches, with a standard choke right behind the blade holder. I guess im just looking for opinions and ideas on how long a good feeling hilt length would be. I always love to hear from other viewpoints, so please share! Thank you

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    Welcome to the Forums. The usual length is typically between 10.5 and 13, so you're good there.
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    I have only built one hilt complete and I am nearing the end of my second hilt for the outside (getting ready for electrical). So take my thoughts with a grain of salt. But I think the two biggest factors to hilt length is whether you use two 18650 batteries or just one, and whether you include a crystal chamber. It's astonishing how many inches a second battery or crystal chamber can eat up. Other things to consider is style of blade. Is this a two handed lightsaber, hand and a half, or one handed? Are your hands particularly big or small?

    My first hilt was close to 12" had room for a crystal chamber and had two batteries. I ultimately decided it was a bit long. My second hilt is right around 7" and is going for shorter blade that will be one handed and only a single battery. I really like the feel of my second hilt and will avoid anything over 10" in the future. While my hands are not tiny, they are on the smaller end of the bell curve for a man. Just my thoughts.
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    I have big hands, and I aim for around 10.5-11" but of course a lot depends on the design and your intended use. A two hander will be longer, something with a long thin neck may need more room in the grip, or it can just be a style choice.

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    Thanks for some knowledge, I’m gonna go for the hand and half style for my first saber. Should be nice for stunts and twirling. This is my first one so I’m just going for basic light. I am however gonna do a momentary switch, so I need to add a converter. Once I get one or two builds under my belt then I’ll start getting into sound and crystal chambers, which are awesome! I’m building this a couple parts at a time, so the electronics I was gonna hold off til the end. So I’m still in the dark regarding batteries and such

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