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Thread: Prizm 5.1 Clash false activations

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    Default Prizm 5.1 Clash false activations

    So testing out my current build, Graflex 2.1 using Shtok's 3d printed chassis and a 31mm Speaker. Everything works great until I assemble the speaker housing to the chassis with the prizm mounted. Then I get a endless clash fest that only seems to stop if I remove the speaker housing and let it hang. Tried raising the clash settings in RICE but didn't actively notice a change. Battery was on charge all night as well, so I don't think it's a low battery issue.

    Any tips?

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    Turn down the volume. I have noticed this on our 3D chassis as well.. once installed in the saber where the chassis is supported it is generally better.
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    Thanks! I'll give that a try. Once I figure out a good means of cutting the grip to be flush I can finish mounting the chassis we'll know if that helps.

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    Yup that was the issue. Once chassis was in the hilt closed up I can have volume on 4 without false clashes.

    Thanks for the tip Tim!


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