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    Hello everyone! I wanted to share some plugs I made over the weekend, some inspiration and interesting hardware combinations.
    These are all made from the TCSS 3/4" to 1" blade adapter piece because I find it easier to sand down and polish it on a chuck in my drill than cut a straight line in polycarb blade stock - go figure.


    From Left to right:

    1) A brass sink aerator, brass thumbscrew, and the back of a 00 threaded tunnel earring that I out-stretched. I pulled the plastic bits out of the Aearator and rearranged them and used some cyanoacrylate glue to weld them together with the earring back on top. I cut down the thumbscrew and glued it into a plastic tube I retrieved from an old mechanical pencil and then glued it through the earring to the plastic aerator pieces underneath. I then cut the threads off the brass bezel and glued it over the plastic parts and then glued the whole assembly into the top of the adapter. Finished off with a little matte black spray paint to weather.

    2) This is a lock-housing like you might find on a cabinet with the male end of a brass air hose quick disconnect glued on the bottom. I used a silicone cylinder to diffuse the light through the brass fitting and then sunk the housing into the blade adapter.

    3) This is literally the plastic part from the security pin assembly on one of those magnetic clothing tags. It pressure fits right into the adapter and takes about 2 seconds to snap together, this could be put in either direction if you want the 'vents' facing up, and i am probably going to play with some paint in the little wells to increase the light variation.

    Below are some photos in sabers, both on and off


    Note that the two on the left are Luxeon Star led configurations whereas the one on the far right is merely a fancy LED flashlight currently so there is some variation in brightness.

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    Nice! I really dig that middle one.

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