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Thread: Disney parks kylo ren lightsaber

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    Default Disney parks kylo ren lightsaber

    Has any one done a conversion of the Disney parks kylo ren lightsaber? Is there a tutorial with pictures and does the black series kylo ren conversion kit work for the Disney parks?

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    I’m there with you man... I hate the light and sound on it but the design is awesome. I know makoto sells a kit for $278 that includes his string blades, holders, his soundboard and speaker. I wish he’d just sell the blades and holders so I could do a prizm 5.1 myself but that seems to be the only option.

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    I've been looking around for the last two weeks. Cant find clear examples or tutorials.

    I've found this guy who did it and even sells a chassis. But no explanation on how to dismantle the whole thing.

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    I remember seeing a vid on how to take it apart.

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    If you can share, that would be awesome!


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    The guy that made that YouTube is Justin Marshall. I have his prototype chassis somewhere... may have lost it I’ve had it so long.. he machined blade holders but doesn’t sell them for some reason.
    Seems we’re stuck with the crap sound and light until tcss makes holders. The told me they don’t have plans yet and won’t unless there’s a lot of interest...

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    I am in the process of converting mine to tri crees and a prizm 5.1. I already stripped the hilt down, I have the 3D printed chassis from Justin. I think this week I will be making the LED\ Blade holders. I can update this thread with photos of my progress. I do have wiring questions about the crossguard though, not sure if anyone here can help with that.

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    How much is the saber and how much of a demand is there so far?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCModulus View Post
    How much is the saber and how much of a demand is there so far?
    I think they are 180, but they are only available at the Disney parks. I got mine for 144 cause my brother gets a 20% discount.

    As for demand, not to sure about that. I see them being sold on ebay for north of 200 getting close to 300 at times.

    The hilt is amazing and feels great, solid and heavy, but thinner than the BS. The electronics are a mess, the blades are dim and the sound is horrendous.

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    I just finished machining the blade holder. Rather than over complicate things, I bought the custom saber shop 1.5" sink tube LED\Blade holder, then I machined it down to fit the hilt. I took a little extra off in the middle for wiring and left a lip on the top for stability. Attached are pics.


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