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Thread: Can I replace a pico crumble with a Prism soundboard?

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    Default Can I replace a pico crumble with a Prism soundboard?

    Does anyone with more technical knowledge know whether this would work? I have an RGB saber powered by a Pico Crumble V1 and I want the option to customise my saber more. So if I add an Aux switch to my setup, is that the only change to my saber that I would need to make? From the looks of it, both boards use exactly the same recommended parts and so is it as simple as de-soldering the current connections, adding another switch and soldering it to the new board?
    Here are the specs for my saber

    Red – Forward Voltage @ 1000mA = 2.6V
    Green – Forward Voltage @ 1000mA = 3.1V
    Royal Blue – Forward Voltage @ 1000mA = 3.1V

    Battery: Xtar Protected 18650 battery 2600mAh 3.7V

    Speaker: Veco 2W (3W max) 8 ohm bass speaker

    Thanks for your time

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    As long as you have the room, and additional parts (switches, proper chassis, etc,) you should be able to.

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    Thank you


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