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Thread: First Build, feedback on my schematic?

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    Default First Build, feedback on my schematic?

    This is my first build and I decided to be overzealous. I would like to put in a RGB crystal in the hilt that changes color along with the RGB blade. I'm assuming the LED crystal has the same specs as the 5mm RGB LED (but with a common anode), as the crystal has no details regarding voltage or current. I also designed it with an illuminated antivandal momentary switch connected to the Nano Biscotte so it's lit when not idle.
    I also calculated the resistor values for both the crystal and the blade LED. I'm not sure the blade LED resistors are all required based on several videos I've seen. From what I gather, red is the main LED that needs a resistor.

    Could someone let me know if this design looks right (especially regarding resistors and their wattage)?

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    It's hard to see in the picture, but the crystal RGB's resistors are: R = 110Ω , G = 40Ω , B = 40Ω
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