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Thread: Jediseth Lightsaber build #3

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    Default Jediseth Lightsaber build #3

    My new MHS build. Thanks for watching!

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    That's real nice Seth. I like

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    Someday I'll figure out flush switches like that....I know DC did a thread on it, but I can't mill the hats. Until then I'm still stuck in switch 22 mode. They're ok, just too fragile. I've busted a few of them for sure.

    Seth are you assembling your crystal chambers, and then putting them into the chassis, or do you assemble them in place?


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    I build the chamber first and then slide it all in. I don’t do any milling with the hats. I don’t know how DC does it, but my way works pretty well. Maybe I’ll do a video on it.
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    Looks great Jediseth!
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