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Thread: NeoPixel build part list

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    The capacitor should be as close as possible to the strip.

    The connections can be combined for the strips as long as your wire is sized appropriately. The signal line doesn't matter, but the power should be at least 24awg.

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    Gotcha. I ordered a box of various color, 24 gauge wire. Going to use that for the entirety of the build, I think.

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    jbkuma, you mention aviation connectors in this post. Is there a brand or type (like molex or JST)?

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    You want GX-16 connectors. If you're just doing a simple setup, you can go with the four-pin, as they carry the most amperage and are easiest to wire. However, if you're trying to do one of JBKuma's kill-switch style connectors, you'll need an 8 pin.



    I've got a four-pin setup in my original neopixel hilt that I never went back to convert to the pogo-pin PCBs that are now sold by most vendors and it continues to work great, two years on. If you've got the space, it's cheaper to use the GX16 plugs and they will carry just as much (or more) power than the pin setups. Here is a good set of connector holders from slimsaber:

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    Thanks, SA22C.
    That's just what I needed to know. I've seen these type connectors in the service. I have reservations about the pogo pins, as well.
    Much appreciated!


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