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Thread: 2010 Hasbro DV Saber LED conversion

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    Default 2010 Hasbro DV Saber LED conversion

    Hello everyone,

    I am doing my first conversion and I have a Hasbro 2010 DV with removable blade and have all the pieces for the conversion ready.

    The saber has been disassembled however I am unable to pull the plastic blade assembly from the hilt piece as it does not come out smoothly.

    I noticed there is a pin right above the switch port and was wondering if this pin is still holding the blade assembly to the hilt? It seems to go in one side and through the body to the other side.

    Has anyone done a conversion of a 2010 Hasbro saber?


    dv 4.jpgdv 2.jpg

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    You probably have to use a punch-tool to get it out, it might not even be used again in the conversion.


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